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Distant quasar shows up gross error in standard cosmological model
Astronomers have discovered a distant quasar illuminating a vast nebula of diffuse gas, containing far more normal matter than predicted by the current cosmological model. Researchers at the University of California led the study, published in Nature. 20 Jan 2014

Remote gravitational lens casts shadow over theory of galaxy evolution
The discovery of the most distant gravitational lens — a galaxy that intensifies the light of an even more distant object — poses a mystery that could challenge current ideas of how galaxies formed. 24 Nov 2013

Astronomers discover most distant known galaxy
A team of astronomers has discovered a galaxy at a distance of 13.1 billion light years and a redshift of 7.5, and it is surprisingly evolved for such a short time after the big bang, posing problems for theorists. 23 Nov 2013

Super-bright supernovae may be powered by Magnetars
New light has been shed on the rarest and brightest exploding stars ever discovered in the universe. Research proposes that super-luminous supernovae are powered by small and incredibly dense neutron stars called magnetars. 23 Nov 2013

Hope for astronomers stumped by 'flyby anomoly'
A mystery that has stumped scientists for decades might be one step closer to solution after ESA tracking stations carefully recorded signals from the Juno spacecraft as it swung by Earth. 23 Nov 2013

The biggest structure in the universeBiggest structure in the universe challenges modern cosmology
An international team of astronomers, led by academics from the University of Central Lancashire, has found the largest known structure in the universe. This large quasar group (LQG) is some 4 billion years across and not predicted by modern theory. 7 Feb 2013

Earliest spiral galaxy ever seen 'should not exist'
Astronomers have discovered a spiral galaxy in the early universe, billions of years before spiral galaxies should have formed. Astronomers discovered it while studying the properties of about 300 very distant galaxies in the early universe using the Hubble Space Telescope. 13 Dec 2012

The impossible arc'Impossible' galactic arc threatens age of universe
Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have found a puzzling arc of light behind an extremely massive cluster of galaxies that are 10 billion light-years away. The trouble is an arc at that distance and age shouldn't exist. 1 July 2012

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Cover of the Well-Balanced Universe

The Well-Balanced Universe
A Revolutionary Explanation of the Cosmos
by Edmund Wood
This is an e-book in PDF format.

Gravity is just one of many different forms of energy. This fact alone implies that the balance and flow of energy throughout the universe are even more fundamental in the whole scheme of things. Consequently, the procedure adopted in the book is to start with the law of energy flow (otherwise known as the second law of thermodynamics) rather than the law of gravity... Read the Overview >>


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The Wonders of the Universe by Prof Brian Cox. Full of magnificent shots of him wearing anoraks and T-shirts in wonderful places around the world.

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